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who is Alfredo Sambù?

Alfredo Sambù is a practicing pharmacist in Vicenza, Italy and he is originally from Guinea Bissau. He is strongly passionate about African natural and traditional medicine.

from Guinea-Bissau

Alfredo Sambù was born on 2 April 1975 in Begene, Cacheu Region of Guinea-Bissau. He completed his early school in Begene, then in Bissau, where he obtained a high school diploma.

he studied in Italy

He arrived in Italy at the age of 20 and with his Guinean high school diploma not recognized by the Italian school system, he had to repeat two years of high school, and here he obtained the Italian high school diploma.

A pharmacist from the university of Padua, italy

After his Italian high school, he enrolled in the faculty of Pharmacy in Padua where, having passed the first exams, he joined an Erasmus project in France. He graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Padua in 2003. In the same year, he started working in a pharmacy in Verona.

Alfredo believes in investing his own knowledge, skills, and experiences in his own country of origin, as a way to make a concrete contribution to local development.

Taping into his rich pharmaceutical knowledge became a perfect opportunity for him to do this and that is how Guimeds was born.

Guimeds which actually means Guinea-Bissau medicines concentrates on two primary areas: “Traditional Medicine” and “Wellness”. His intention is to help people understand the fundamental knowledge and values behind Traditional Medicine and how this can improve their wellness and well-being.

objetive & Mission

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If you have any questions, you can reach out to Alfredo Sambù, using the email contact below.

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